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Hello everyone,

Please feel welcome to look around. We have many things do to while here, you can read some game reviews in our Blog. See upcoming PlayStation Home events in our Calendar, talk with other HOMEinformer members in our discussion forums or play some arcade games in our Arcade room!

HOMEinformer is a PlayStation Home team and club (HOMEinformer) founded by Sophronia and Jersquall. There will be weekly meetings all about PlayStation Home and the PlayStation Network, pretty much anything PlayStation3. So please sign-up and let us know what you like or send us any suggestions you may have.

We are proud to announce our new HOMEmemories blog! It's the place for your PlayStation Home memories. Check it out today at: HOMEinformer.blogspot.com!

Please contact us at homeinformer@homemail.com if you have any questions about HOMEinformer or the HOMEmemories blog. For opportunities please visit the [About us] > [Applications] tab on our site.

You can now find us @HOMEinformer on Twitter!

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