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PlayStation Home 1.41 Update (12.15)

Posted on December 14, 2010 at 1:54 PM

Locust_Star: Quick head's up that late tonight/early tomorrow morning, PlayStation Home will update to version 1.4. The downtime is expected to be minimal and we promise to restore access to the service ASAP. A detailed list of improvements bug fixes is listed below. Thanks to all of you for your feedback post-1.4. As you can see, our dev team has responded to many of your requests (specifically regarding the chat log). Please continue to share feature requests and proposed improvements with us via us.playstation.com/home-forums



Added “@” as an alternative to “/” for use in slash commands. For example “@g” and “/g” will both access group chat.

Added an option to display pop-up colours in the “Local” channel of the chat log under “Menu Pad > Options > Settings > Personal > Chat Log > Local Chat Pop-up Colour”. It has three possible values:

Off: Does not display pop-up colour in the chat log.

Name (default): Colours the name of each person in the “Local” channel according to their pop-up colour.

Line: Colours the whole line of text from each person in the “Local” channel according to their pop-up colour.

Added the names of people you have received private messages from to the list of people that can be blocked or reported from the Home Safe Screen (accessed by pressing [SELECT]).

For all PSN sub-accounts, chat systems in Home will now respect any chat restrictions set by the master account in the PSN parental controls.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that would display an unnecessary warning pop-up if you joined a queue with a portable active and then tried to check your position in the queue.

Fixed a bug that could cause screens to render on top of glass even if they were physically behind it.

Fixed a bug in the chat log that would leave you in a phantom group if you joined a group, got disconnected and then logged back on again.

Correctly localised the error message you see when attempting to access a store from the Navigator while the system is busy.

Fixed a bug that was causing a blank message to be shown while Home was down for maintenance.

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a crash when relocating from your Personal Space.

Fixed a bug that caused you to need to wait for the orange light to stop flashing on your PS3 hard drive before applying a patch. Once you have updated to 1.41 it will not be necessary to wait before applying any future patches.

Fixed a bug that was preventing the images of existing character save slots from being displayed properly in the wardrobe.

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a crash when previewing clothing of the opposite sex to your avatar in a store.

Fixed a bug that was preventing club leaders from adding certain people to the club black list.

Fixed a bug that was often causing the “Servers are overloaded” warning message to be mistakenly displayed when you joined a group or club channel.

Fixed a bug that would allow you to open the Menu Pad in the wardrobe with some undesirable side effects.

Fixed a bug that would let you “merge” different items of clothing on your character and potentially crash people around you.

Fixed a bug in the chat log where typing two very long words with a single space could crash people using the “large” font option.

Fixed a bug that was causing newly acquired purchases and rewards to go straight into storage in the wardrobe. This may still occur in a limited number of cases but should be greatly improved for most people.

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